Dr. Lee Matheson

Dr. Lee Matheson joined our team in May 2018.

Dr. Lee Matheson is a native of Salt Lake City. A graduate of Olympus High School, he went on to earn degrees at Salt Lake Community College, Utah State University, and earned his veterinary degree from Washington State University. Outside of the office he enjoys spending time with his young family and their dog Reggie.

Dr. Jennifer Flynt

Dr. Jennifer Flynt hails from the southern states. She was born in Texas and grew up in Louisiana. Dr. Flynt completed both her undergraduate degree and veterinary degree at Louisiana State University. To our good fortune Dr. Flynt shook the heat and humidity, not to mention fleas, from her boots and landed at Midvalley Animal Clinic in September of 2011. Dr. Flynt is as warm hearted, as you would expect from someone who grew up in the Deep South. Clients and pets appreciate her kind and caring demeanor. She also brings years of experience and sound medical and surgical skill to our clinic.

Dr. Paul Haderlie

Dr. Paul Haderlie grew up in American Falls, Idaho and graduated from Utah State University. He then went on to complete his education at Washington State University. Dr. Haderlie has been employed at Midvalley Animal Clinic since May of 2011. We appreciate his subtle sense of humor, calm demeanor, and surgical abilities all sprinkled with a strong dose of common sense. Dr. Haderlie purchased Midvalley Animal Clinic from Dr. Kelly Milligan in June of 2016.

Dr. Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson, DVM grew up in Westchester County, New York. She completed a bachelor’s of science degree at Colorado State and graduated Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University in 1999. She has been working with veterinary hospitals as well as rescue groups in the Salt Lake area since 2008. Dr. Anderson joined our team in 2018.

Amy and her husband share their home with 4 very spoiled rescue cats and a dog who loves camping, swimming and hiking.

Dr. Griffiths

We are excited to announce we have a new Member of our team. Dr.Griffiths joined our team in July of 2019.

Dr. Todd Griffiths grew up on a 15,000 acre ranch on the Canada – U.S. border. He earned his veterinary degree from Washington State University.

After graduation, he practiced in North Dakota and Alberta, Canada.

Outside of veterinary medicine Dr. Griffiths loves to be outdoors with his family and coaching and competing with his horses in Equestrian Vaulting.

I-Lean Midvalley Animal Clinic

I-lean was brought in to Midvalley Animal Clinic in August of 2008 after being hit by a car. The trauma caused some spinal damage that took away her ability to walk on her front legs but she was able to “lean” (I-lean). Dr. Milligan worked her magic and I-lean was successfully walking again in no time. She is often seen staring off into the abyss while holding down the front desk.

Cindy L.

Office Manager / Accounts Receivable
Cindy worked as a veterinary technician for 5 years prior to finding her home at Midvalley Animal Clinic in June of 2001. She was our lead technician for 3 years before being promoted to Office Manager. Without Cindy we could not continue to function and offer the medical services you have come to expect. Cindy is a true lover of all animals and uses her expertise to make sure Midvalley Animal Clinic runs smoothly and everyone from staff, to clients, to pets are taken care of.

Shirley H.

Inventory Manager/Lead Technician
Prior to finding her home at Midvalley Animal Clinic, Shirley studied veterinary technology at Salt Lake Community College and Utah Career College. While attending school, she interned at the Utah Hogle Zoo, Tracy Aviary, and our own Midvalley Animal Clinic. Shirley has been at Midvalley Animal Clinic since 2003. Not only is Shirley one of our most experienced and expert technicians she also has the thankless job of doing all our orders. If there is something missing from the shelves or too much it is always her fault!!!! If you need a special order or product, Shirley will find it for you and get it taken care of. She is often the first one to volunteer to take home our weak rescues and nurse them back to health. That is how she ended up with a one-eyed pitbull that takes 16 pills a day. Shirley is a member of the Great Salt Lake Training Club. She enjoys attending the Mountain Man Rendezvous and doing crafts. She is the one responsible for the crocheted hats that often make their rounds around the clinic cats.


Jodie Hanger is our longest standing employee, with over 20 years of employment. She has seen it grow from a 1 doctor startup company with Dr. Barbie to the 5 doctor practice it is today. Through all the changes and growing pains, her dedication to helping our clients and their pets has always been her top priority.

When not working Jodie spends time with her partner and their dogs. They all stay busy as active members of the Salt Lake Terrier Association. She is also well as a lifelong member of the Salt Lake Dog Training Club.

Haley R.

Haley completed her veterinary technician training at the Animal Behavior College in 2015. She joined the Midvalley Animal Clinic family in November of 2015.

JoDee (Jo) S.

“Jo” completed her veterinary technician training at Jordan Applied Technology in 2005. She had 7 years of in-clinic experience prior to finding her home at Midvalley Animal Clinic in May of 2012.

Lacey C.

Lacey has worked in the veterinary field for 16 years. She joined the Midvalley Animal Clinic in June of 2015.

Sara K.

Sara graduated from Broadview University in March of 2014. Sara has been with Midvalley Animal Clinic since May 2016.

Krista Grover

Krista grew up on a small ranch in the southern Utah town of Blanding . After graduating high school she moved to the big city to pursue her passion for working with animals. She spent most of her free time doing what she loved Most, riding horses. Krista Passed away in March of 2018 but will always be a part of our team and our heart.

Rochelle S.

Rochelle’s career began in Las Vegas, NV as a full time kennel technician and a part time large exotic animal care giver. Some of those animals included a coatimundi, lemur, bobcat, wallaby, several parrots, snakes, a serval and yes… even a tarantula. She quickly realized how much she loved all aspects of the veterinary field began applying herself to master in other areas of the field. She was advanced to a veterinary technician position in the same hospital. She likes to say, “This was the beginning of the rest of her life.” Since 2005, Rochelle has worked all positions in a veterinary hospital from a veterinary technician, receptionist, kennel attendant and even worked her way up to hospital manager. She spent a large portion of her career managing two part time, small animal practices and created their first rescue program helping to remove adoptable animals from the kill list at the local shelter. She worked tirelessly finding perfect and forever homes for over 50 animals. In the summer of 2008, Rochelle realized her love and passion for helping rescued animals was so great that she furthered her career by managing the shelter clinic at a no-kill animal shelter for 4 years. She was and is still a part of the nonstop mission to end overpopulation and the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals. Rochelle Joined Midvalley in February, 2017. When her family decided to relocate to Utah. She is still trying to figure out this snow thing and why people like it. When she’s not working, you can find Rochelle snuggled with all of her chihuahuas (Pablo, Diego, Jensen, Joshy, and Tip Tip) and one pitbull who might as well be a chihuahua (Zoso).

Dian G.

Dian completed her veterinary technician with the Jordan Applied Technology center in 2014, she continued her schooling and graduated with her Associates of Science in December 2016. She has done volunteer work in-between school and family life. When not at work you can find Dian and her husband and son out riding horses, shooting or playing with their Australian cattle dog, Kody as well as her many other animals. Dian Interned with Midvalley Animal Clinic while completeing her education so she was a perfect fit when she joined the Midvalley team at the end of January 2017 and she could not be more excited.

Stephanie W.

Stephanie began with Midvalley Animal Clinic in March of 2018. She is currently attending school for Veterinary Technician. She enjoys spending her time with her family, children, dogs and cat. Her hobbies include, traveling, various crafts, photography, interior design, and outdoor activities.

Brooke H.

Booke Joined our team in September of 2018.

Breanne K

Breanne Joined our team in 2018.

Desirae S

Desirae S joined our team in 2018

Mekinley S

MeKinley Joined our team in 2018. She grew up watching her mother working the veterinary field and is excited to be following her dream in life.

Morgan M


Cara, started at Midvalley Animal Clinic a little over two years ago first as a volunteer then hired as a Kennel Tech, training to be a Tech. Cara is a current student at the University of Utah working on her Bachelors of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.
She has applied to veterinary school and will hopefully be in veterinary school by Fall of 2020.She and her husband live with 3 cats, 2 dogs, a chinchilla, and a horse. Pictured with her is Milo.