59550a_252a1d47e996195414f2166c003466d5.jpg Is that cat in the window alive?

Yes, her name is Ilean. She lives here and likes to spend her time sunbathing in the windows.

Where is the bathroom?

Follow the black path behind the front desk to the white swoosh leading to the restroom on your left.

How old does my pet have to be before they can be vaccinated?

Kittens and puppies should be 8-9 weeks old and receive boosters three weeks apart until they are 16 weeks of age or older

How old does my pet have to be to receive a rabies shot?

Rabies can be given at 12 weeks of age, and by law have to be given by 6 months of age.

When can I spay or neuter my pet?

We recommend pets be sterilized at 4 months of age and 4 lbs in weight. Females should be done before they have a heat cycle and males before they reach puberty.

What time can I drop my pet off for surgery?

We are open from 7:00 am - 8:30 am for surgical and dental drop-offs. No doctor is available until 8 am.

When can I pick my pet up from surgery, and will you call me when he/she is finished?

All pets are ready to go home by 4 pm. We may not call you when your pet is ready to go, depending on how the day is going. You are welcome to call us at (801)269-1213 after 1 pm to see if your pet is ready for early pickup.

When will my lab work be done and will you call me?

Lab work (except histopathology reports) is usually in 24- 48 hours after your blood draw, and we should call you. If you have not heard from us by that time,  please call and leave a message for your doctor where you can be reached with those results.

Can my pet eat before their surgery?

We request that you fast all pets after 10 pm the night before their surgery or dental.

A little water on the morning of surgery is fine. If your pet is on medication it is ok to give them a small treat to get the pill down with. Diabetics should be fed a small meal and given 1/2 their normal dose of insulin. Inform the staff at check-in that your pet is diabetic and has had a small meal and insulin.

Does my pet need blood work before surgery?

We recommend that all pets get a pre-operative blood screening. If your pet is 6 years or older, we require pre-operative blood screening before any anesthetic procedure.

Will I receive take-home instructions after my pet's procedure?

You should receive take-home instructions when you pick your pet up. If not they are available here as an attachment.

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